Planning at Sixteen

Dan Whitney joined Sixteen Real Estate in August 2020 to establish the Planning Department within the company.

With over 10 years’ experience working in planning consultancy, he is a Chartered Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) and has managed development projects across a varied range of sectors, including residential, industrial, offices and retail, and provided planning expertise to numerous developers, landowners and housing associations across the UK.

With Dan’s experience, Sixteen can provide consultancy to your business and help co-ordinate the submission of planning applications, promote sites through the Local Plan and help provide you with expert witness support at planning appeal, including in public inquiries, hearings and through written representations.

Site Appraisals and Strategy

We can assess the prospects of a site for future development potential, taking into account constraints and opportunities.

We can quickly assess whether its constraints would limits its developability and will give you an honest opinion from the outset.

If it has potential then we can provide advice on strategy to deliver the best outcome.

Planning Applications

We can prepare and project manage applications for development from inception to determination, acting as principal consultant within a multi-disciplinary team and co-ordinating the necessary technical reports.

Prior to submission, we can undertake pre-application discussions with the local authority which can help minimise issues further down the line.

Planning Appeals

If your application has been refused or not determined in time, we can assess the chances of success on appeal and manage the entire appeal process, including by written representations, hearing or public inquiry.

We will always give you an honest assessment of its chances on appeal.

Alternatively, we can suggest ways in which an application can be amended in order to overcome reasons for refusal.

Development Plan Promotion

We can help promote sites through the development plan process, maximising their chances of being allocated for a particular land use.

This will involve monitoring the development plan process of the local authority, ensuring that landowners and developers promote their sites at the right time.